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  • A day like a local perugino

    A day like a local perugino

    Do you want to know how and where have a good time in Perugia? An itinerary prepared by perugini doc specially for you, the best of the best so you don’t get caught in the usual touristic places. Visit right away the page with all our top hints.

  • Are you visiting Perugia for the first time or you are coming back to know it better? Do you want to know where and how to have a good time in Perugia?
  • Our top ten list will help you to choose the best of the city. Places where the real conosseur of the night life goes, stores selected by fashion bloggers and restaurants that are well consider in all Umbria.
  • The best hints to transform your holiday in Perugia in a real experience to live,  Are you tired to wander about  the city without destination? Discover our Top List so you will not miss the most entertaining places, the roads less known of Perugia and the coolest places.

Come e dove divertirsi a Perugia

Perugia between culture and relax

How and where have a good time in Perugia

If you are thinking to organize a custom made holiday, then we are the Hotel that you are looking for. Perugia is a parallel universe made of different musical planets, in which everyone can find its own dimension.
Trust us to choose between the best places where to eat and have fun, or ask us information about the best cultural and enogastronomic itineraries.
You will have the possibility to meet new people thanks to the several activities organize with the collaboration of many associations and structures, or participating to the various events that animate our Perugia during the whole year.
Visit tour social channels and discover everything that you can see and do in Perugia.

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