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PERSONAL INFORMATION Art. 10 Low n. 675/96
We would like to inform you that the n. 675/96 law provides the protection of people and other subjects concerning the dealing with personal information.According to the above mentioned law, such dealing will respect the correctness, lawfulness, transparency and protection principles for your reserve and rights. According to the art. 10 of the above mentioned law, we give you the following information.Our dealing with personal information: a) has the aim to execute the providing of contracts/services

b) will consists in inputting your data in a computerised program for the contract managing

c) your data won’t be communicated to third persons, without your express consent. We inform you that your data conferring is facultative, but the eventual non-conferring may involve the non-prosecution of the relationship.

The dealing holder is : Hotel Ilgo Farm – Via Agostino Di Duccio 1 06126 PERUGIA – Tel. +39 (0)755736641 You will be able to turn to the dealing holder in order to assert your rights, according to the article 13 of law n. 675/96, which is below wholly reproduced: Art. 13 – Interested party’s rights 1. Concerning the personal information dealing, the interested party has the right to:

a) know the existence of dealing with data that regard to her/him, through free access to the register at art. 31, comma 1, letter “a”;

b) be informed as to what mentioned in the article 7, comma 4, letters “a”, “b” and “h”;

c) obtain without delay in the holder’s care:

1) the confirmation of the existence or not of your personal data even if they’re not still registered and the intelligible communication of the same data and of their origin as well as of the logic and aim whom the treatment is based on; the demand can be renewed, unless any justified reasons, with at least 90 days advice;

2) the deletion, transformation in anonymous form of the data treated in breach of the law, including those where conservation in relation with the aim of data collection and treatment are not necessary;

3) updating, rectification and also when needed data integration;

4) the statement that the operations at number 2 and 3 have been notified (even for their content) to those whom data have been communicated to, except the case where such fulfilment is impossible or involves the use of excessive means compared with the tuteled right;

d) oppose himself/herself entirely or partially to the treatment of your personal data even if they’re pertinent with the collection’s aim;

e) oppose himself/herself entirely or partially to the treatment of your personal data for commercial information or for the delivery of advertising material or direct selling and also for market research or interactive commercial communication and to be informed by the director about the possibility to exercise freely such right no later than the moment in which data have been communicated or diffused.

2. For every request at comma 1, letter “c”, number 1), the interested person, in case of not existence of data that regard to her/him, can be requested an expense contribution, not higher than the real costs, according to the formalities and within the limits established by the regulations at article 33, comma 3. 3. The rights mentioned at comma 1 regarding the personal data that concern died persons can be exercised by anyone that is interested. 4. Conforming to the assertion of the rights at comma 1, the interested person can confer in a written way delegation or proxy to physical persons or associations. 5. It being understood the professional secrecy rules of the journalists, in the new source.